Italian born Daniela Bertol --artist, author, architectural visionary and Yoga teacher-- has worked for almost two decades on projects integrating science, art and architecture. Her site-specific environment and art installations have been exhibited in the United States and Italy. She has published numerous articles in art and science journals and lectured at several congresses and symposia worldwide and is the author of two books on architecture and digital space: Visualizing with CAD (Springer-Verlag, 1994) Designing Digital Space (John Wiley & Sons, 1997).
Daniela has been consulting for over fifteen years with major New York City architectural firms. She was involved in the planning and design of the American Airlines Terminal at the JFK Airport for TAMS Consultants, where she developed design studies using computer modeling and visualization to generate several alternatives for this two million square foot facility.
Yoga practitioner for several years, she has traveled extensively in India, Mexico, Australia, Europe and North Africa, visiting and photographing many of the places portrayed in Earth & Sky, the book she is currently writing.
Her design vision integrates principles of Eastern philosophies and practices with contemporary architectural theories and research, as expressed in her most recent project Sky Spirals, a series of places devoted to sustainable design where the shaping of the landscape is based on solar and stellar alignments.
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