space ink was founded in 1989 by Daniela Bertol and David Foell as a multidisciplinary laboratory. It embraces experimental projects integrating science, art, design and architecture, as well as theoretical works focusing on the transformation of architecture and its integration with digital space. The vision that technological advancements should establish continuity with the past --instead of creating a fracture-- has been expressed in architectural and educational projects, art installations, artwork, furniture and graphic design.
The interest in sustainable architecture has inspired solar based design, such as the house at Sun Farm: contemporary architectural vocabulary and materials re-propose design intention from early civilizations.
The most recent project is Sky Spirals, a series of places devoted to sustainable design where the shaping of the landscape is based on solar and stellar alignments.

We practice architecture as a multidisciplinary effort. Our design team brings different fields of expertise to the process, from material science to garden design and video and web-based presentations.
collaborations are the key to a successful project.
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