Ideal Cities is a series of collaborative installations with the painter Andrea Harrison. Both artists ground their work in knowledge of the Italian Renaissance for that era provided the floorplan for modern man's rational and unemotional systematic building of physical and abstract structure.
The title of the installation itself evokes the ideal cities planned by Renaissance architects, geometrically perfect in a corrupted and violent historical context.
The artist's creative efforts comprise attempts to reveal the context of man/woman in a modern system ridden environment as well as the context of painting in an art world that views itself in terms of its unique history and the history of scientific/industrial revolution.
Ideal Cities embodies the artists' desire to make visible the scientific framework / structure that serves as a groundwork for civilization. This communion of drawing with technologically derived art is a paradoxical view of human life against a backdrop of science and technology. More specifically, the juxtaposition in the media used -- computer generated collages versus hand-rendered drawings -- recalls the contradiction stated by the contents.
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