Designing Digital Space: An Architect's Guide to Virtual Reality
Daniela Bertol
ISBN: 0-471-14662-5
368 pages
December 1996
The Complete Guide to Virtual Reality in Architecture and Design The first in-depth book on virtual reality (VR) aimed specifically at architecture and design professionals, Designing Digital Space steers you skillfully through the learning curve of this exciting new technology. Beginning with a historical overview of the evolution of architectural representations, this unique resource explains what VR is, how it is being applied today, and how it promises to revolutionize not only the design process, but the form and function of the built environment itself. Vividly illustrating how VR fits alongside traditional methods of architectural representation, this comprehensive guide prepares you to make optimum practical use of this powerful interactive tool, and embrace the new role of the architect in a virtually designed world.
Offers in-depth coverage of the virtual universeódata representation and information management, static and dynamic worlds, tracking and visual display systems, control devices, and more.
Examines a wide range of current VR architectural applications, from walkthroughs, simulations, and evaluations to reconstructions and networked environments
Includes insightful essays by leading VR developers covering some of today's most innovative projects
Integrates VR into the historical framework of architectural development, with detailed sections on the past, present, and future Features a dazzling array of virtual world images and sequential displays Explores the potential impact of digital architecture on the built environment of the future
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